I had a fairly relaxed start to a rather busy Saturday morning. After a bit of a lie-in, I was off on one of my little jaunts as voluntary IT support for a fellow church member. His internet connection was no longer working. A quick rummage around /var/log/messages indicated the problem was “NO DIALTONE” reported by the modem. However, I then plugged in a phone to the same socket, picked up the receiver and found there was a dialtone. Slightly odd – will have to try another modem I think. Mission incomplete. 🙁

Played some pool in the afternoon, due to the fact the snooker room was being refurbished. After playing on the green baize for so long, the blue baize was distinctly smaller! So much so that we managed to play 11 games in an hour.

The evening was spent round Nigel’s with just the ‘lads’. A fun evening spent playing Risk and watching DVDs without the distraction of any girls. At the risk of sounding slightly odd, I think we should do these things more often.