Cheese Gromit! Cheese!

Saw Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit this afternoon. What a cracking film! A very English film, with a great imbibing of eccentric English humour – something suitable and enjoyable for all ages. It’s amazing what the guys at Aardman can do with a few blobs of plasticine. It even persuaded a rather sceptical Sarah that it was worth watching.

Went round Dave’s afterwards for a game of Monopoly. A slightly sketchy game, with almost a repeat of my previous victory! I had managed to acquire all the stations and through it, to bankrupt a few people and acquire even more property through it. The final duopoly staged turned into a game of attrition, until I finally landed once too often on Dave’s property and victory went to Dave.

It’s nice to have a change from the usual routine occassionally.

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