After a rather busy week, I wasn’t looking forward to getting up early to travel down to Grove Chapel, Camberwell for ‘Banner South East’, organised by the Banner of Truth Trust. I wrenched myself out of bed at around 8.15am, met up with some of the usual suspects and headed into London. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in Camberwell Grove without getting lost and with a very short journey time of about 40 minutes!

I was glad I’d got up early though, as the day was good. There were two talks on growing closer to Christ, both of which focused on seeing what Christ has done. To try and understand the enormity of God the Son becoming a man and dying that we might not. For Jesus Christ was no mere man, but God in the flesh, the creator and sustainer of the universe. Jesus Christ was the perfect man, without spot or blemish of sin. He deserved nothing but praise and glory, but instead took on the sin of his people out of his great love and grace.

For I deserve nothing but the wrath of God for my sin, but through his great sacrifice, I gain that which I do not deserve – to be made right with God. If Christ did that for me, then he deserves my whole life. There is nothing I should withhold from him.

This was a great reminder of what Christ has done for me.

As well as the biblical exposition, it was great to meet up with old friends and make some new ones. A good, if exhausting day!