a.m.: 1 John 4:1-6 p.m.: Joshua 16

How can we avoid being taken in by those who what what is not from God? Firstly, we need to see who Jesus really is. There’s no denying he’s a figure in history, atheists and non-Christians accept that. It’s what the bible claims he is that is contentious, but also what allows a Christian to know the truth. Just as knowing a fake banknote is best achieved by knowing a true banknote intently, knowing the true Christ enables us to see when people are painting a distorted picture. To know Christ is to know his word. The more we know the word of God, the more we see a correct picture of him.

As our view of Jesus becomes clearer, it becomes easier to distinguish those who are not messengers from God. As our knowledge increases of the difference between the attitudes of God and those of the world, we can spot when the world’s thoughts and teachings corrupt Christian teachings. We can spot when the world’s teachings are veiled in a Christian gloss. When the glory of God is replaced with the glory of men.

To an extent we will be drawn to those who speak words which are in accord with our nature. A Christian should seek to listen to those who speak according to the word of God, but a non-Christian will seek that which is against. We need to look at ourselves as well, that we might check we are seeking that which is from God.

May we always have a true picture of Christ and his word.

As the Israelites allocated the land, the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh failed to obey God’s requirement that they remove the Canaanites completely from the land. This caused them trouble in the long run.

Not only were they disobedient, but they were discontent with their allotment. They complained the land was too small, even though they had the ability to make full use of their allotment, they complained it was beyond their ability to make it useful to them.

Ultimately, this showed a failure to trust God at his word, and to take hold of their allotment.

How much is this like us in our Christian life. Do we fail to remove sin from our lives? Do we cling onto it? It’ll cause us trouble in the long run.

Do we make full use of what we are given, or are we discontent, and complain, even though we have the ability to do something about it?

Do we take hold of God’s word, or is our faith weak? Yet, even in this, God is able to strengthen our faith.

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