a.m.: Luke 11:1-13 p.m.: Romans 8:10-29

When we put our faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins, we are justified before God, and his Spirit works in us to sanctify us. That is not all though, for not only do we receive these benefits, but we are also adopted into the family of God. We are no longer objects of wrath, but we become his dearly loved children.

As Jesus points out to his disciples, and as Paul says in his letter to the Romans, we can call God our Father. Now for some of us, our image of a father may not be a great one, be it that of an absent father, or an overly austere father, or an abusive father, yet God is the perfect father. For just as we are all made in the image of God, yet corrupted by sin, so fathers (and mothers) are an image of God’s fatherhood, but corrupted by sin. So while human fathers and mothers are not perfect, God is the perfect father.

We gain access to the God of the universe through the Son, that we may bring our prayers and petitions to him, not as a remote king, but as our father. The Son and the Spirit intercede and work within us, that we may approach our father at any time.

As children of God,  he knows our needs and he abundantly gives us everything we need. For we are his sons and daughters. Not only that, but he makes us heirs with Christ, that we will inherit the glory which is Christ’s.

Even though he knows our needs, we are to pray to him, for he delights to hear his children. When we pray, we should always anticipate an answer, even if the answer is not what we want. For when we ask according to his will he will grant us our prayer, but if we ask contrary to his will, he will deny us our prayer, but we will still receive an answer. For there will be something better for us in his will.

If we are not yet Christians, God calls us to trust in his Son like a child. To repent and believe in his Son, that we might also become his children, and he will receive with open arms. For though the prodigal son spent his money lavishly but foolishly, God’s grace is wisely lavished upon those who come in the name of his Son.

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