Going like clockwork

My life appears to have become a routine. Not that I’m complaining. Football on Monday and Saturday was fun and enjoyable, if slightly tiring! My violin lesson on Tuesday introduced a few new pieces and scales, as well as another opportunity to play some duets. Thursday was a bible study from Psalm 119 and Friday was spent sharing the gospel with young people from around the area in both word and deed. This evening was spent at Feltham Evangelical church to listen to a talk on Biblical parenting and then down to Windsor for a walk down the Long Walk. The only problem with this routine is that it’s not very interesting to read! I apologise profusely, but I found it to be a hugely rewarding week! I think the only unusual day was Wednesday as I picked up a bicycle, given to me by Ally as she’s bought herself a new bike, with the intention of using it to cycle to work. We’ll see how we go in that respect!

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