Friday night celluloid

After much planning, we convened this evening to have a ping pong tournament. Various contestants from HWEC and HTC lined up to represent their respective churches. Despite my cold, I participated, and by the end I was shattered! All was not in vain though, as HWEC came out victorious in both singles and doubles. I imagine a rematch is likely in the near future. A very different, but very fun, evening.

On a complete tangent, the table tennis ball is made of celluloid.

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2 Responses to Friday night celluloid

  1. Dave says:

    Speaking of celluloid, did you know that there were films constantly being shown at the Cheltenham Bible Festival, e.g. Apollo 13? Questionnaires were distributed before each showing to allow viewers to reflect on certain features of each film.

    The Carey BC jazz band was also quite fun (this was pure entertainment, not the worship, music group!)

  2. gerald says:

    Cool! Attempting to foster a Christian worldview by the looks of it.

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