Another quiet week on the blog front as I was in Aberystwyth for the annual EMW English speaking conference. This year’s theme was looking at the first and second chapters of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. Ted Donnelly led the addresses in the morning, opening up the Scriptures, and showing how they apply so aptly to today’s church. From the opening paragraphs, where Paul veers from his usual commendation for faith, instead pointing out the disunity and lack of faith, through his rubbishing of worldly wisdom and the strength of the foolishness of God, and ultimately to his plea that they build their church not on the popular trends of the day but on the word of God. The issues which the church of God in Corinth faced are not much different from the issues the church of God in the UK faces today.

In addition to the main addresses, there were many other talks and seminars available.

The week was also a holiday, with trips to the beach and general relaxation available. A good week to re-energise!