There was nothing in my diary for this morning, so I stayed in bed for as long as I could. 🙂 After a busy Friday evening at church helping with the final holiday bible club event of the week, I figured I could do with a good sleep. Finally got out of bed some time around 11am, had a bath, hung out the washing, planted my lavender bushes in the garden and cooked some breakfast. Once I’d done all that, it was time to wander down to Feltham Evangelical Church for a baptism. Afterwards caught up with Daniella over dinner, and then on to Dave’s to watch a DVD.

Dave had chosen Children of Men, which looked interesting from the sleeve. The whole scenario, of a world where mankind is no longer able to procreate is an interesting one and one which the film portrays in a very believable and stark way. It’s a shame the story which we told which takes place in this scenario isn’t quite so interesting, with some not so subtle half-baked political commentary thrown in. Worth seeing if only for the world portrayed, despite the story.