Ooh, Aah!

It’s been one of those busy yet nondescript weeks. The only evening I had to myself was on Wednesday, which allowed me to relax and play the piano to my hearts content. I would play the violin more, but I can’t play it too late into the night as it doesn’t have a headphone socket and I’m sure my neighbours wouldn’t appreciate it too much.

This morning, after hanging out the washing, eating breakfast and making a packed lunch, I joined a few others for a ramble around Shamley Green. Autumn was in full swing and the display of colour in Creation was magnificent. All manner of golden shades were on show, which were brilliantly contrasted with the clear blue sky of a fresh November Saturday.

I must admit, I was ready to curl up on the sofa and relax, but I had arranged to go and see the fireworks at Battersea in the evening. I quickly unloaded the car of all my hiking gear, and sauntered down to central London. After meeting up with others from HWEC and other churches in London (and beyond), we scoffed a KFC and stood with the assembled masses in Battersea Park. As always, the display was impressive, with a particularly good piece of choreographing with “It’s Oh So Quiet”, by Björk. Afterwards, we chatted, chilled and finally trudged back home.

A good, if rather exhausting day!

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