Mobile blues

After many years of trusty service, my Sony Ericsson Z600 is starting to play up. Making calls and texting still works fine, but the external loudspeaker seems to be suffering a dry joint. This means that, sometimes, when someone phones me, or texts me, I have no audible cue – it doesn’t ring! Usually a tap in the right place reconnects the speaker, but obviously this isn’t so great. If I knew when someone was phoning me so I could tap the phone so I could hear it ring, I wouldn’t need it to ring in the first place!

So the question is – What phone should I get?

I quite like phones which cover the keypad when not in use, so I don’t accidentally phone people, so either a sliding phone or a clamshell would be good. Obviously I would want to make phone calls and text people, whilst only having to charge it once a week, anything else on top of that basic functionality is not so important in my mind.

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